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Big In Japan

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Note: There are reportedly a few different bands named Big In Japan. This listing is specifically for the BIJ which is a Lake Trout side project. This BIJ does not have its own website, for instance. Please do not upload music for any other "Big In Japan" bands at this time, thanks!

On October 14, 2002, Lake Trout gave permission for shows to be hosted at the Archive. On November 21, they modified their permission: To ensure quality, all uploads must be handled through archivist Nic Caudle, patron ncaudle ncaudleATgmailDOTcom:

LT archivist Nic Caudle wrote,
"mentioned the thing to [LT guitarist] Ed [Harris] this weekend. he said it was cool."

Nic followed up with, "BIJ is fine as well."

Later, he wrote:
We would like to change our policy towards Theres been a
show uploaded that we dont like the quality of (8-21-1999 has clicks/pops,
bad tracking, wrong info and filler from a unrelated band).
We look at as a way to get the "cream of the crop" out to the
public, and in that spirit we would prefer it if only myself can upload
shows. If anyone would like to submit a show they should contact me and I'll
give them FTP access to our servers so I can go through and make sure the
show is tracked out correctly, has the correct setlist and actually sounds

Update 2/3/03 on an off-limits show:
On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, nicolas caudle wrote:
> We need to remove the BIJ2002-11-27 show from
> The bands record label, SNS Records, decided today that they wanted to
> release a portion of that show. There is only 1 source, the source that is
> on the archive server. For contractual obligations we need to pull the
> recording from trading/downloading.
> Any questions, please feel free to ask.
> Thank you for your help.
> Nic

Policy notes

Big In Japan has an unwritten policy, but they encourage the trading of their live sets. SBD patches are not allowed. Video taping is allowed, but on a per-venue basis. Current known setlists and archival information can be found at Some show info is also listed here.

Nic passed along further at-venue taping info from Ed:
"We do allow taping but do not have specific provisions in our record contract permitting it. So it's at "your own risk" so to speak. But we've never had any problems...Thanks, Ed"

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